$450,000 USD | 🌊 11.5 beachfront acres for sale ideal for investment or de elopement • Camalu Bay Baja California

650 feet of sandy beach frontage makes this 11.5 acres (650 ft by 863 ft) for sale an ideal property for a lot subdivision or a house development residence. It has been already legally subdivided into 11 sections where 10 of them have 60 feet of frontage and and on the back. 

ACCESS: This land has 3 road access, one on the east and the other 2 on the north, south end which give public access to sandy beaches. 

LOCATION: its main access it’s a 2.5km dirt road to main highway 1, the town of Camalu Baja California it’s a local fishing and farming community about 4 hours south of the border of San Diego and Tijuana Baja. Its sandy beaches are an attraction to locals and foreigners for fishing, windsurfing, surfing and other practices. 

UTILITIES: As we speak there are no utilities on property, power lines about about 2.5 km away, water will have to be drilled by buying well water rights. 

LEGAL: This beachfront property is NOT ejido land, its private property currently with all property taxes and other legal obligations by Mexican law. 

If you would like more information on closing cost, land use and other key factors to make your decision. Please feel free to call us.

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